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Show House displays WuduMate Compact

A photo shoot at a show house illustrating the potential placement opportunities for the WuduMate Compact. Its contemporary, yet gentle design complements a range of striking or neutral interior furnishings, whilst the Compact stool stows easily over the unit to optimise usable space.

WuduMate Compact in the Home

A WuduMate Compact installed on a carpeted floor in this home.

WuduMate foot bath in the home

A WuduMate Compact in porcelain installed on wooden oak floor flooring

Foot Washer in the home

This WuduMate foot bath is installed in a tight space, with attractive decoration to complement the high quality, gloss, acrylic finish.

A pleasing wudu khana at home

The aesthetics of the WuduMate Modular with traditional stainless steel seat post was preferred to the WuduMate Compact in this wudu khana in the home.

A wudu foot basin at home

A WuduMate Compact fits neatly in this bathroom refurbishmentment.

WuduMate Compact Foot washer in the home

This Wudumate Compact in acrylic makes an elegant addition in this home in the North of England.

WuduMate Commercial Foot basin in the home

This unusually large bathroom deserved a larger foot washer so the WuduMate Classic was chosen and complements the décor of this refurbished bathroom well.